In 2017, the average monthly wages of workers in the oil sector made up 571,3 thousand tenge. This was reported by the website LS.

As stated by the website, the leaders of the sector receive 2,5 times higher. The salary of top managers accounted to more about 1,4 million tenge last year . Moreover, the wage of heads of special services averages was 936,5 thousand tenge.

The salaries of ordinary workers are low. For instance, the average monthly salary of master of oil production was 587,7 thousand tenge, the geologist - 561,7 thousand tenge, the engineer-energetic - 600,3 thousand tenge, the salary of engineers - 854,1 thousand tenge.

In 2017, the average monthly salary of engineers of oil and gas made up 646,6 thousand tenge. Drilling and testing engineers' wages was 440 thousand tenge, oil and gas engineers - 187,8 thousand tenge, well engineers - 1,8 million tenge, and gas engineers - 496,7 thousand tenge.

The salary of technician-surveyor was 177 thousand tenge, the salary of the drilling technician - 787,8 thousand tenge. The brigadier of the drilling department got 846,3 thousand tenge. The average monthly wages of driller reached 295,2 thousand tenge in 2017 and The salary of the oil refining employee was 756,8 thousand tenge.

As for the average monthly metallurgists' salary, last year they received an average of 198,2 thousand tenge. The salary of managers of the sector was about 1,5 million tenge, which is 7,5 times higher than the average monthly salary. The salary of the heads of special services exceeded the average figure two times or more than 437,6 thousand tenge.

In 2017, the average salary of the chief metallurgist made up 1,6 million tenge, the workshop master - 213,1 thousand tenge. The shift manager earned 229,5 thousand tenge last year, the shop manager received 383,7 thousand tenge.

Translated by Nazerke Syundyukova

“The Qazaq Times”