In 2017, revenues of taxes and payments to the state budget exceeded 7.1 trillion tenge, reports LS

Compared to 2016 (6.4 trillion tenge), receipts grew by 10.9%. According to the State Revenue Committee, the largest volume of taxes came from Almaty (1.7 trillion tenge), Astana (989.9 billion tenge) and Atyrau region (1 trillion tenge).

The Aktobe region brought KZT 355.8 billion to the state budget for a year, Karagandy region is KZT 340.3 billion, the South Kazakhstan region KZT 318 billion, KZT 312.5 billion to the East Kazakhstan region, and the Almaty region to 318.5 billion tenge.

In addition, taxes and payments from Mangistau region reached KZT335.5 billion, from Pavlodar - KZT239.4 billion, from West Kazakhstan - KZT256.1 billion, from Kostanai oblast - KZT160 billion.

At the same time, revenues from the Akmola region amounted to KZT134 billion, from Kzylorda oblast - KZT104.6 billion, and from Zhambyl and North Kazakhstan oblasts - KZT81.4 billion and KZT79 billion, respectively.

“The Qazaq Times”