Yesterday, Seytkazy Mataev, chairman of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan convicted more than a year ago for financial crimes was released, reports his lawyer, Madina Bakiyeva.

On October 2016, he was convicted by the Astana court on charges of fraud and tax evasion. He was sentenced to six years of imprisonment with confiscation of property. His son, the general director of the news agency KazTAG Asset Mataev was also convicted, but for five years. The father and son with accusations did not agree and declared their innocence.

Seitkazy Mataev thanked all his supporters and colleagues for their support. ‘I do not feel happy, because of my son, Asset Mataev still in prison, he commented. He again called the charge as a political order. ‘We did not admit blame. All the accusations were rejected. My son and I have a spirit, because of this we kept, - said Seytzazy Mataev.

Recall, Seytkazy Mataev headed the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan since February 2001, since May 1996 he was the president of the National Press Club. Also, he worked as a press secretary of the president of Kazakhstan and  prime minister in several years.

“The Qazaq Times”