35 000 people fell ill with cancer in Kazakhstan in 2017

In 2017, 176 000 cancer patients were counted in Kazakhstan, reports the Medical Insurance Fund on Facebook pages. Of these, 35,532 people fell ill wi..

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20% of Kazakhstani people with HIV faced discrimination by employers

20% of HIV-infected Kazakhstani people faced dismissal or refusal to take a job because of their status, said Lyubov Chubukova, a member of the Kazakh..

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Indian and Pakistan students to study medical specialties in Petropavl

Students from India and Pakistan to study medicine specialties in Petropavl, said Vice-Rector of the North Kazakhstan State University named after Man..

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Only half of the population is satisfied with the quality of medical care

In 2017, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducted a sociological questionnaire to determine the degree of satisfaction with the ..

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Kazakhstan ranked 72nd of 149 countries from Prosperity Index

Compared to last year, Kazakhstan has climbed by 11 positions from 83 to 72  in global index, which measures national prosperity based on both economi..

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