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In 2017 more than 35 thousand people left Kazakhstan

35,1 thousand people left Kazakhstan in January-November 2017. The number of people left in the same period in 2016 amounted to 32,500 people. That is..

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Kazakhstani wins the Ukrainian show ‘The Voice. Kids’

Kazakhstani Danelia Tuleshova became the winner of the Ukrainian show ‘The Voice. Kids’, reports the official Facebook page of this project. She becam..

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Artists of Kazakhstan make a tour to Europe

Artists of Kazakhstan will make a tour to Europe, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports. The tour of Europe will en..

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The secret of a Chinese man, who celebrated two weddings of his daughters in Qazaq style

While surfing the internet we encountered quite a surprising article in the “Ile gazeti” newspaper about a Chinese couple wearing a Qazaq dress at the..

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