35,1 thousand people left Kazakhstan in January-November 2017. The number of people left in the same period in 2016 amounted to 32,500 people. That is, the number of emigrants rose by 8%.

As to the number of migrants, in January-November 2017 the number of migrants increased by 21,2% and was 10,3 thousand people compared with 2016 (9,2 thousand). The difference of migration made up 20,6 people.
According to the distributed information, 10,3 thousand people came from CIS countries to Kazakhstan and 31,4 thousand people left. The difference of migration with the CIS was 21,1 thousand people.

The number of foreigners came from other countries amounted to 4,1 thousand people, and the number of people left Kazakhstan was 3,7 thousand. The balance of migration was 467 people.

In general, the number of people leaving Kazakhstan rises every year. We are not aware of the reason why many people are leaving. However, the main reasons might be the quality of education and social conditions.

Translated by Nazerke Syundyukova

“The Qazaq Times”