Ex-chairman of the State Security Service of Uzbekistan was sentenced to prison.

On September 27, the Military Court of Uzbekistan read out the verdict to the former chairman of the State Security Service (SSS) Ikhtiyor Abdullaev and members of the criminal community he created.

According to the press service of the Supreme Court of the Republic, Ihtiyor Abdullayev was found guilty of organizing a criminal community, receiving bribes, extortion, theft of other people's property, violation of customs legislation on an especially large scale, in the interests of an organized group and criminal community and a number of other criminal offenses, by abuse of authority. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Besides, the verdict of the Military Court of the Republic: the former deputy chairman of the State Security Service, Jahongir Igamov, received 16 years in prison; former adviser to the chairman of the State Security Service Alisher Ishanhodzhaev - 17 years old; Yorkin Abdullaev, former deputy prosecutor of the city of Tashkent - 14 years old; the former deputy head of the Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Justice, Yusufba Khodjaev - 8 years; Ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Gairat Khidoyatov - 5 years; ex-deputy chairman of the Supreme Court Bakhodir Dekhkanov - 5 years.

In addition, Ihtiyor Abdullaev served as chairman of the State Security Service of Uzbekistan in 2018-2019. Prior to that, since 2015, for three years he was the prosecutor general of Uzbekistan.

"The Qazaq Times"