The main foodstaffs per capita became known in Tajikistan. It includes 112 grams of meat, 405 grams of bread, 25 grams of fish and half of eggs per day. However, still one third of the country are not able to have such food, reports central asian news agency.

According to the installed amount, one person eats 405 grams of bread, 112 grams of meat, 25 grams of fish, 316 grams of milk, 46 grams of fat, 55 grams of sugar, 455 grams of vegetables, 340 grams of fruits, 252 grams of potatoes and half an egg.

As stated by officials, food which shown on a decree is the first necessity. This information is needed by the ministries first to define the minimum subsistence level. It is 50 dollars per month in Tajikistan these days.

In addition, citizens of Tajikistan are trying to save on food, and also they told that they usually take long-term products to use in the near future.

Moreover, it should be noted, according to the United Nations World Food Program, 30 percent of residents of Tajikistan do not eat food properly. Actually, this was found in rural families with many children.