Food prices rose by 6,5% in Kazakhstan in December 2017.

According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the prices of food increased by 6,5% in December 2017 comparing to 2016.

In particular, prices on confectionery rose by 10,7%, alcoholic products by 10,3%, dairy products by 9,3%, fish and seafood by 8,6%, fruit and vegetable products by 8,4%, coffee, tea and cocoa products 6,2%, bread 2,8%, macaroni products by 2,1%, flour by 1,8%. The price of meat and meat products grew by 11,4%, beef  by 15,3%, mutton by 14,1%, horse meat by 9,8%, pork meat by 9,3% and fowl meat by 5,8%.

Translated by Nazerke Syundyukova

“The Qazaq Times”