Every Mayor of Kazakhstan should have a helicopter, suggested Senator Dariga Nazarbayeva during a visit to the factory ‘Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering’.

‘We need to continue to show the ways of Eurocopter development, maybe, the people of Kazakhstan have not fully informed about the benefits of such helicopters yet. Sanitary aviation should develop’, she stressed.

'Every Mayor should have such a helicopter, especially in the regions, where they are engaged in agriculture. It would ease the work, because of traffic jams, especially, in large cities we sometimes stand on the road several hours. Aero taxi works in large foreign cities, and it is quite profitable, so we can assume that this is in the future and our economy. That is why we must support and develop this production’, the deputy added.

Recall, Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering is the only one factory assembling and servicing the EU145 helicopters on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States, per the website of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry.

“The Qazaq Times”