The Bank of New York Mellon has frozen 22 billion dollars of the National Fund of Kazakhstan. The situation is happened due to a lawsuit launched by Moldovan businessman Anatolie Stati and his companies against the Kazakh government, the news agency Reuters reports.

 That is why the National Bank of Kazakhstan has filed a lawsuit against the American Bank. The case will judge by a British court, on Thursday.  The ‘frozen’ funds are almost 40 percent of the total amount of the National Fund of Kazakhstan.

‘The Moldovan businessmen, who invested in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry, have asserted that they were subjected to significant harassment from the Kazakh state, with the ultimate purpose of forcing them to sell their investments cheaply’, the agency explained the main reasons of the situation.

Recall, according to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Finance The assets of the National Fund in foreign currency amounted to $ 57, 3 billion.

“The Qazaq Times”