2018 June

Kazakhstani fish products to be banned in Russia

The Food and Agriculture Organization of Russia has found that fish produced in Kazakhstan are harmful to human health. They checked goods that were t..

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3 people may have had meningitis in Taldykorgan

3 people were hospitalized with the threat of meningococcal infection in the last two days in Taldykorgan. One of them is a 9 year old boy, reports th..

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50% of test questions was updated

The Unified National Testing will begin after two days. More than 1,5 million graduates will participate in the in the test. According to Ramazan Alim..

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In which region of Kazakhstan is often spoken in Kazakh?

97% of Atyrau citizens speak the state language. This is the highest indicator in the country. Regional Department for Language Development conducted ..

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Samarkand agreed with the Czech company on the purchase of trams

Samarkand agreed with the Czech company Pragoimplex on the purchase of 42 trams, the portal "News of Uzbekistan" reports. In June, a delegation of the..

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