2018 March

Kazakhstan signed a treaty on the renunciation of nuclear weapons

At the headquarters of the United Nations was the ceremony of signing the treaty on the renunciation of nuclear weapons of Kazakhstan. The agreement w..

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FC "Kairat" for the third consecutive time won the Eremenko Cup

Almaty "Kairat" defeated the mini football club KPRF and won the Eremenko Cup in Russia, Vesti.kz reports. The game ended with a score of 7: 3. In the..

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A 68 year old prosecutor and his family have been detained in Uzbekistan

The the Ministry of the Interior of Uzbekistan initiated a case aginst to the former deputy prosecutor of the Tashkent city, 68-year-old Miraglam Mirz..

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The Alakol beyond recognition and start trains to it

Repair of the road and improvement of the coast of Lake Alakol in the East Kazakhstan region will be completed in 2018, the press service of the regio..

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Kazakh Disneyland will built near Almaty

The first Kazakhstan Disneyland will built in the Almaty region, 40 km from Almaty in the direction of Kapchagay, announced by Deputy Chairman of the ..

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