2018 March

A modern skiing base opens in Shchuchinsk for 38 billion tenge

In Shchuchinsk (Akmola region) a new republican ski center opened. The sports complex is located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. The tot..

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The deputy told that the transfer of educational materials to electronic form will harm children

Digitalization of education shows that in the future, all textbooks and visual aids for children will be transmitted electronically. However, all elec..

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What worries youth of Kazakhstan?

What worries youth of Kazakhstan today? How do they imagine their future? In what direction do young people go? A group of young scientists from the U..

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After visa cancellation, Kazakhstanis began to go more often to the UAE

Kazakhstan tourist companies report that after the abolition of the visa regime in the United Arab Emirates, citizens of Kazakhstan began to fly more ..

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Gas tariffs to increase by 10% in Uzbekistan

Since April 1, tariffs for natural gas for the population will increase by 10% in Uzbekistan, reports the Uzbek Telegraph Agency. According to the com..

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