2018 February

Nazarbayev's book to translate into a new version of the Latin alphabet soon

Nursultan Nazarbayev's book will translate into a new version of the Latin script soon, the director of the National Academic Library, Umitkhan Munalb..

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10 000 places needs schools in Astana  

"95 general schools with a total contingent of 143 thousand 264 students function in the city. There are not enough school places is 10,735. This prob..

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Kazakhstan provided humanitarian aid worth 3,9 million dollars to Tajikistan

Kazakhstan gave humanitarian help worth 3,9 million dollars to Tajikistan. As stated by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Re..

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Research: more specialists are leaving Kazakhstan

In 2017, 37, 700 people left Kazakhstan. This is 25.3% more than in 2015, when the country was left by 30,1 thousand people. Predominantly, Kazakhstan..

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What is the relation of the detained Kyrgyz deputy to the customs post "Korgas"?

On February 16, the media reported on the detention of three citizens of Republic of Kyrgyzstan in a special operation in the territory of Kazakhstan...

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