Nazarbayev: All higher education institutions should be brought to the level of

Nazarbayev University and the rest needs to be closed President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev believes that the number of universities in Kazakhs..

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N.Nazarbayev: I practice writing the Latin alphabet every day

President Nursultan Nazarbayev practices writing the Latin alphabet every day. He has said about it today, in the introducing "New Humanitarian Educat..

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Pupils are obligated to fulfill a different task in Uzbekistan

In Yangul district of Uzbekistan, schoolchildren are instructed to know about their parents' natural gas debt, electricity debt and water debt. This w..

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The deputy told that the transfer of educational materials to electronic form will harm children

Digitalization of education shows that in the future, all textbooks and visual aids for children will be transmitted electronically. However, all elec..

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A new service in the Al-Farabi Library

In the al-Farabi Library, a new service for the rapid digitization of printed publications on a planetary scanner operates. PLANETARY SCANNER ElarScan..

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