The relations of Astana-Moscow are getting worse every day

The official Astana-Moscow relations are getting worse every day. On November 1, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagyntayev and Russian Prime M..

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Caspian Sea is no longer a sea, not a lake

 The Caspian Sea is no longer a sea, not a lake. What special status did get Caspian Sea after adopting new Convention? On August 12, the heads of fiv..

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"New Kazakhstan" Forum: the purpose of visiting America

"New Kazakhstan" Forum's members have held a press conference today in Almaty.  At the press conference, members of the Forum Amirzhan Kossanov, Dos K..

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Why is the Security Council necessary for Nazarbayev?

Why is the new Security Council necessary for official Astana? We will look for answers to this and other questions. Recently, the parliament has appr..

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What is the strength of the military army of Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has been increasing its military power lately. To that end, he has established military-technical cooperation with the world powers and it ..

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