The cost of research and development work for 2017 amounted to 92.7 billion KZT. It shows 3.2 billion KZT, more than 3.6% in 2016, reports Ranking.

Of these, internal costs amount to KZT68.9 bn, or 74.3%, of the total volume. Growth for the year - 3,4%. External expenses account for 25.7% of the total volume, or 23.8 billion tenge. Growth for the year - 4.1%.

74% of all costs for scientific work were incurred by private organizations - KZT68.6 bn (plus 4% per year). The share of state expenditures is 21.6%, or KZT20.1 bn (plus 0.9% per year).

Significantly increased the costs of other states, their legal entities and citizens - by 11.4%, to 4 billion tenge. Their share of all costs was 4.3%.

Recall, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiev, said that the algorithm of actions that will allow Kazakhstan to enter the global market for financing science and compete for investments of world leaders in technology.

The Qazaq Times”