The parents of more than a thousand children refused to vaccinate in the South Kazakhstan region. To rectify the situation, representatives of the Ministry of Health started conducting seminars on the prevention of infectious and non-communicable diseases, TVK reports.

64% of those who refused vaccinations believe that vaccination is contrary to the canons of religion, another part of parents believes that the vaccine is harmful and even dangerous. The fact that the vaccination is not a sinful deed told a specialist on the affairs of a religion of South Kazakhstan Dauren Bakkaraev.

"Before going to Hajj, all Muslims are vaccinated against meningitis.If this was considered a sin, they would not do it. In general, vaccination is considered normal in other faiths, mostly adherents of Salafism, said Dauren Bakkaraev.

Also, there are no only believers avoid vaccinations for their children. Many parents are sceptical about vaccination. Doctors convince them that there is no cause for concern.

Earlier, 400 parents in Mangistau refused to vaccinate their children also from religious motives.

“The Qazaq Times”