Matt Garnett: One of my favorite Kazakh singers is Sara Tynyshtygulova

I'm in Michigan at Michigan State University  in East Lansing, USA. I am visiting-scholar in the College of Communication Arts&Sciences, School of..

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Kazakhstani wins the Ukrainian show ‘The Voice. Kids’

Kazakhstani Danelia Tuleshova became the winner of the Ukrainian show ‘The Voice. Kids’, reports the official Facebook page of this project. She becam..

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Kazakhstan's Minister of Culture and Sports: hungry can achieve remarkable things or creatively more successful

The low level salary of workers in the sphere of culture can affect to them achieve remarkable things, said Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhst..

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Artists of Kazakhstan make a tour to Europe

Artists of Kazakhstan will make a tour to Europe, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports. The tour of Europe will en..

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Aisholpan invited to Harvard and Oxford

Famous ethnic Kazakh eagle huntress Aisholpan Nurgaiyp invited to the best universities in the world,  Harvard and Oxford to study. On November 9, 201..

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