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New trend: paternity leave to be common in Kazakhstan

More fathers across Kazakhstan receive paid paternity leave to take care of their newborn children, reports the Ministry of Labor and Social Protectio..

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Professor proposed to deputies to wear national clothes in Uzbekistan

Associate Professor of the National University of Uzbekistan, deputy director of the Center for Innovative Technologies Miryakub Khaidarov suggested i..

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12 flights will be subsidized in Kazakhstan

The airline directions will be subsidized in 12 destination to meet the population's requirments for air relation between Astana and the regions, rela..

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Prisoners controlled drug trafficking in Tajikistan

A group of prisoners controlled drug trafficking through the tajik-afghan border in one of the Dushanbe's prisons.  It was detected by Tajik special o..

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Kazakhstan citizens carried the Olympic Flame in Korea

Samsung Electronics, the Worldwide Olympic Partner and a Presenting Partner of the Olympic Torch Relay PyeongChang 2018, congratulates the Kazakhstan ..

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