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Uzbekistan to refuse expensive celebrations and funeral rites

On January 1, 2020, a parliamentary decree “On the procedure for wedding, family, anniversary celebrations, family memorial rites and events commemora..

4 year ago

An explosion occurred in Turkistan region

An explosion occurred in Arys, Turkistan region. According to local sources, the explosion occurred in a military unit. The explosion is very disturbi..

4 year ago

The police surrounded Astana square in Almaty

Today, on the afternoon of June 10, the police surrounded the park "Astana" and the Aliya-Manshuk Park in Almaty. The square in Tole bi Street and the..

4 year ago

Kyrgyzstan strives to return its citizens from the Middle East

Kyrgyzstan strives to return its citizens from the Middle East, reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan. A special working group set up ..

4 year ago

Kazakh Foreign Minister Beibit Atamkulov pays official visit to China

The Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Beibit Atamkulov is having an official visit to China, reports the press service of MFA. Beibit Atamkulov met with ..

5 year ago