Ecologists find out the cause of the mass death of fish in a reservoir near Astana, reports.

On the surface, surfaced hundreds of dead individuals. About the emergency, local authorities reported to fishermen. They were the first to try to save the situation.

Ecologists urgently called for the emergency situation. Experts examined the pond, but they cannot yet say what caused the death of the fish.

- The Mayor of the rural district together with the environmentalists of the region and with the environmental police had a joint exit, where an appropriate act was drawn up, a sample of water for the laboratory was taken. This water is directed to the city of Kokshetau. For the time being, there are no results, "he said. akim of the rural district of Koshy Akmola region Sultan Orakbay.

While environmentalists are trying to understand the situation, local officials say their versions, albeit not professional ones. In their opinion, the fish just suffocated.

- The territory is large. The local executive body lacks the resources and resources. Here you saw a pond, there is a village Koshy. There are not enough people and means. They get more than 16 loose reservoirs there. Therefore, they gradually do, - says the head of the department of Akmola territorial fish inspection Mukhit Ramazanov.

To say exactly what caused the mass death of fish, it will be possible only after the test results are ready. Studies of water samples will take several days.

“The Qazaq Times”